Build Your Best Engineering Team

Our plans scale for all organizations - from startups to the Fortune 500


For early-stage startups beginning to grow their engineering team



billed annually

1 user and 2 collaborators

Evaluate 30 candidates/mo

~320 pre-built programming tasks covering 35+ skills (see FAQ below)


For high-growth startups or mid-size companies building teams at scale



billed annually

15 users and unlimited collaborators

Evaluate 200 candidates/mo

~580 pre-built programming tasks covering 35+ skills (see FAQ below)


For enterprise organizations looking for an advanced technical hiring platform

Unlimited users and collaborators

Evaluate unlimited candidates

690+ pre-built programming tasks covering 35+ skills (see FAQ below)


Task and question library

Choose from our library or create your own
Choose from our library or create your own
Choose from our library, create your own, or outsource it to us

CodeCheck: technical assessments

CodeLive: online technical interviews

CodeLive: Virtual Technical Interviews

Applicant tracking system integration

GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, WCAG 2.1 AA compliance

Bias mitigation

Plagiarism protection

Benchmarked analytics and reporting

Geo-specific data hosting

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Dedicated onboarding specialist

CodeChallenge: recruitment events

Identity verification

Single sign-on and API access

Integrate Codility with your applicant tracking system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the user and candidate limits flexible?
Yes! We are happy to adjust plan limitations to fit your hiring needs.
What programming languages, frameworks, and tools can I evaluate on Codility?
The Codility platform provides you with the tools to evaluate a wide range of skills across a variety of programming languages and frameworks specific to individual roles. Many of our tasks are language-agnostic and can be completed in multiple languages, whereas role-specific tasks are typically tied to one specific language/framework based on the problem at hand.

Languages: Bash, C#, C++, C, COBOL, CSS, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Lua, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, Solidity, Swift, VB.NET

Frameworks: .NET, Angular, Hibernate, jQuery, jUnit, Laravel, Mocha, Node.js, React, Redux, Robot, Selenium, Serverless, Spring, Vue.js, React Native

Tools/other: iOs, Android, Ansible, Chef,, Cucumber, DB, Docker, Git, Gitlab CI, Helm, Kubernetes, Mongo, MySQL, PostgreSQL,, RSpec, Spark, SQLite, Terraform, xUnit
What types of job roles does Codility help me hire?
Our library of tasks and problems evaluate role-based technical skills for the following roles:

- Back-End Developer
- Cloud Engineer
- Data Scientist
- DevOps
- Front-End Developer
- Full-Stack Engineer
- Mobile Developer
- Security Engineer
- Software Engineer
- Software Testers / Quality Assurance
Do you have other plans available?
Yes! The plans listed above are our most popular plans. Our plans are designed to be customized to your needs every time. So if your business is too big for Starter and too small for Pro, we'll gladly work with you to provide a configuration based on your hiring plan.

Please note: we do not offer plans below Starter.
Can I get a free trial of the Codility platform?
Yes! Our team can set you up with a demo account tailored to your needs. Contact us to get started. In the meantime, here's an intro: