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Grant Street Group implemented Codility to help optimize their tech hiring process by more efficiently screening programming candidates. 

Download this customer success story to find out more: 

  • A snapshot of their process before implementing Codility
  • Why they decided to implement a solution 
  • Where they implemented Codility in their Tech Recruitment process
  • The results they were able to achieve

Grant Street Group is one of the 1,000+ businesses using Codility globally to help refactor their tech recruiting. Find out more about Codility below. 

Find out More about Codility:

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Try Codility for yourself with a free 7 day trial of our basic platform. A good first step to seeing how Codility could work for your team.

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  • Assess 10 candidates 

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Download Codility Overview

Learn more about how the Codility solution can help your team grow, and the cornerstone features of the product.

  • Free, instant file download 

  • How Codility supports tech recruiting

  • Simple introduction to the platform

Download Codility Overview

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See the Codility's Premium tech recrutiing software in action, customized to your team's goals and focusses.

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